An invitation for the submission of papers – Toshkent Jan Mone nomidagi Yevropa tadqiqotlari bo’yicha ilg’or tajriba markazi

⚡️⚡️⚡️ The UNECE ESD Youth Platform and UNECE Steering Committee on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) issues an invitation for the submission of papers and/or case studies on youth and ESD

ℹ️ This publication aims to compile examples of theory and practice of youth engagement in the UNECE region, as well as in other regions whilst showcasing successful approaches related to education for sustainable development and youth. ESD empowers learners of all ages with the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes to address the interconnected global challenges we are facing, including climate change, environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity, poverty and inequality.

🖨 The publication will be published by UNECE Steering Committee on Education for Sustainable Development, which is the regional mechanism to support member States to integrate ESD more effectively in their national context, and integrate ESD in national policy and practice through all forms of their educational systems.

Topics of publications:

  • The role of youth in ESD
  • Empowering youth to implement ESD
  • Engaging youth in ESD policy making
  • Challenges faced by youth for engaging in ESD actions and initiatives and how to overcome them
  • Looking towards the future of ESD under the lens of youth

Shorter reflection papers, especially those targeting policy discussions, youth and ESD are also welcomed.

⏳ Submission deadline: 24th January, 2022

❗️ Please submit your full article to with the following subject line: UNECE ESD Youth Publication.