🇪🇺🏆European International Women’s Leadership Awards 2021

Organized by the International Women’s Leadership Forum.

President’s word:
There are a lot of awards: important and less important ones.

Nevertheless, three years ago, we had the idea to create a new one: an award for extraordinary women who have a special relationship to Brussels, the capital of the European Union.

We want to focus on women, who at a certain moment of their live, have decided to follow their dream, to break with traditional obligations around them, to challenge male-dominated areas, to act in a respectful way in order to give an example to all those women, who do not (yet) dare to raise their voice and to develop their potential.

We want to pay tribute to those women who impress, who inspire, who make people want to surpass themselves, who inspire new desires to move the world forward, beyond the inequalities that hinder it.

This award is a tribute to a sort of modern hero, women with extraordinary backgrounds, who influence the development of societies, nourished by diversity and equity.

A first ceremony with nine laureates took place in the European Parliament in March 2019, a second one with ten laureates in the EU Office of the German state of Hesse in March 2020.


Head of Tashkent Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for European Studies, Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation of the UWED Ismailova Gulnoza Saydiganikhodjaevna became a laureate of the European International Women’s Leadership Awards 2021, which annually awards outstanding women with a special relationship to Brussels, the capital of the European Union.

Ten laureates of 2021:

  • Gulnoza Ismailova (🇺🇿Uzbekistan)
  • Oyunna Bold (🇲🇳Mongolia, Belgium)
  • Emma Clit (🇫🇷France)
  • Monika Griefhahniefahn (🇩🇪Germany)
  • Yasmine Hasnaoui (🇲🇦Morocco, United States)
  • Irene Kamanzii (RdC, 🇧🇪Belgium)
  • Frédérique Dansartsart (🇧🇪Belgium)
  • Bissan Salman (🇵🇸Palestine, Israel)
  • Shamim Shawl (Kashmir, 🇬🇧UK)
  • Yangkartsang Yangdutsoso Yangkartsang (Tibet, 🇧🇪Belgium)